Entrepreneur Development

MOR will create vast opportunities for entrepreneurs to successfully grow their business from strength to strength. In overcoming the challenges in a highly-competitive business environment, this project attempts to provide opportunities for new entrepreneurs to deliberately plan for the growth of their business on an already successful working model.

People power

One of the key areas in the development of this project is securing the welfare of our surrounding communities. With the potential opening of over 1,000 jobs, local communities can be encouraged to thrive collectively. Communal support programs will also be deployed to provide the locals with more means of sustainable living.

  1. Nurture 200 small-medium entrepreneurs during the construction period. Along with another 150 entrepreneurs during operations and a further 30 entrepreneurs for maintenance.
  2. A 35-hectare housing and resort facility will be built for:-
    1. Personnel/Staff MOR ( Local/expatriate)
    2. Construction workers ( Local/Import)
    3. Plan to build 1,000 medium-cost housing scheme that can provide housing and accommodation w for the golden age and handicap with free medical care.
  3. Public service centers including a police station, fire department, post office will be built to support the community.
  4. Hospitals to give free medical treatment and 1Malaysia clinics to provide regular services.
  5. A 3,000-capacity mosque to accommodate daily prayers, religious lectures, classes and activities will also be provided.
  6. 200-unit housing for fishermen including fishing harbour facilities, cold storage and a landing terminal.
  1. Provides job opportunities to 1,000 direct professionals, another 1,000 indirect professionals (as consultants and supporting companies) and 2,000 from spill-overs.
  2. Scholarships and training programs will be conducted for petroleum and petrochemical, economics, finance and other related areas of studies. Support will be given to local universities for undergraduate training programs and on-site practical training.
  3. Students within the community will be provided with regular transportation to school.
  4. Free pre-school and kindergarten for toddlers in our surrounding community.
  5. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) study for the land and sea will be conducted to ensure qualities are maintained.
  6. A detailed concept plan for the refinery complex will be submitted within 60 days after receiving the offer from the state.