Petrochemical Complex

PETROCHEMICAL will have a two (2) lines complex designed as a mega complex (8 million tonne per annum) with a balanced and optimized CAPEX, have a diversified set of products reaching a bigger market and clients, allow the production of two (2) lines of petrochemical products independently so that in case of lack with any external feedstock or refinery shutdown the other line can produce products without major impact.

The PETROCHEMICAL facility is a complex configured as an optimized petrochemical group of units with two main production lines:
• Olefins production line
• BTX production line

Both lines are combined and the intermediate by products are used as feedstock in one or the other lines.

MOR Complex has been configured as an optimized complex where the refinery and the petrochemical plants are combined in order to improve and maximize the efficiency; all the available gas and light naphtha streams of the refinery are used as feedstock for the petrochemical complex reducing the necessities of external natural gas and naphtha.